• Data backup (backup and Account receivable aging before import print out)
  • Data excel file 
  • Print out of data before



  1. Open file 
  2. Visualization data validation
  3. Modify data entry
  4. Repeat steps 1-2-3 until no more anomalies
  5. Import data
  6. Check first print out data with new account receivable aging print out 



  • Back-up data base
  • Print a check-up data > Client > Reports > Account aging > Details 



The excel file must have Customer#, Customer Name, Invoice#, Date, Invoice amount, Remaining balance. 


The columns name could vary. We do the link later.



1. Open the file

On the main menu, go to Customer management > Importing account receivables.



2. Visualization data validation



3. Modify the data entry

Look for the correct client number in customer management and make a look up.



 Modify in Excel

Note A : make sure the invoice number in column "E" is the exact invoice number when running an accounting bridge, else data won't transfer back to the accounting bridge 

NOTE B : Save the file on your desktop using a short name.... the maximum length in characters as to be less than 50 int the path name. 

  • Good: Desktop\AR.xls  ( short path )
  • Bad:  C:\HP_LaserJet_CP1020_Series_Full_Solution\DotNetFX35.xls  ( long path )

4. Import data


5. Check importation


Compare the total of the report in GEM-CAR and in your accounting software : they should match.

If they don't, make sure your are using the same date report.