Via the PDV, click on the icon with the Blue Book/Calculator.
Activate your cash register

  • Go to the “Configuration” / “General Information” menu.
  • Select option 29
  • Save.

Step 1: Start the cash

  • Select your clerk and cash register.
  • Press the “+” to empty the cash fields.
  • Enter the number of each coin and dollar amount.
  • Validate your totals (note that this has no connection to accounting. If money is missing, you must make accounting entries in your financial system).
  • Click on the “$” icon or F1.
List of button options:
F1: Start the cash (enter your values before clicking).
F2: Start the cash with the last saved values.
F3: Add an amount to the cash.
F4: Withdraw an amount from the cash.
F5: Empty the cash register fields.
F10: Close the cash.
F11: Print the balance report.
F12: Quit.

: The next day, you will start with the previous day’s amounts by default by hitting F2.