You can change, hide or display the labour rate on invoices (such as for CAA/AAA Standards).

Change and display the hourly labour rate

From the main menu, go to "Configuration > General information",

  1. GEM-CAR will automatically select the job (appointment) and labour type categories,
  2. GEM-CAR will automatically filter and show the items that has the old rate as selling price,
  3. Make a selection of the jobs you want to change,
  4. GEM-CAR will automatically put the new rate as the new selling price to be applied,
  5. Click the green check mark  to apply the changes.
To lean more about this "Price change by group" window, go to the related menu in this FAQ.

You new hourly labour rate will show on the invoices.

Hide the hourly labour rate

From the main menu, go to "Configuration > General information",

Your hourly labour rate will be hidden on the invoices.