GEM-CAR offers a complete selection of security levels as well as individual permissions within each level. You can configure security levels and permission for each individual user. Users are those that have a login User Name and Password to open GEM-CAR.  Before being able to implement and the security options, your must first make you have an Administrator Account which you can create in the Maintenance of Users window (under the Security sub-menu)
From the Main Menu, click on the Security tab,
• In the Security sub-menu, click on Security Maintenance,
• The Security Configuration window  will open,
• Check the Use security features box,
• Click the Employee search icon and, once the list of Users appears, double click on the user  you want,
You can now assign or remove various security features individually and/or by group.
• If you check the upper left Security box, all permissions will be granted without any restrictions
• If you check the Point of Sale box, all permissions related to the POS window will be granted
• If you check the Access to Point of Sale box, a functional selection of permissions will be granted.
• In each case, individual permissions can be checked or unchecked.
• To view all the permissions, use the right hand page scroll to move up and down the list.
• Once you’ve chosen all the permission for that User, click Save.

• Repeat these steps for each user you need to assign a specific security level and permissions.
Click Save and Exit.
Note: All Security changes will take place only after GEM-CAR has been closed and restarted.