On the POS window, press F1 or click on ?New Order?,

?         Enter the customer’s name or number,

?         Note:  the word customer will be highlighted in red to indicate there is a unpaid balance,

?         Press F5 or click the add ?+? icon, enter ?AR? and press enter,




?         A window will appear with a list of all current and outstanding invoices,

?         Select all the invoices that apply for the payment you are receiving,

?         On the bottom left side you may add a rebate or a discount as well as change the amount being received,

?         Click on? Accept?,

?         If a Reminder window appears, simply click ?No?,

?         Proceed with recording the payment as you would normally, except this time the receivables option will not be available,

?         Click on the Printer button to register the payment and print a receipt,



NOTE: An invoice number will be automatically generated in order to record and print the receipt but will in no way affect your proper sales statistics.