Type of text message / SMS 

Communicate with your customer to 

  • Confirm appointment, FAQ
  • Tell your customer that their vehicle is ready, FAQ read more...
  • Send thank you note via template, FAQ
  • Write a personalized message.


         Why sending Text message ?

  • Communicate fast,
  • Open rate 98%,
  • Save Time,
  • Reduce cancelled appointment ($250/app.),
  • Minimized downtime on lift ($2-4/min),
  • Communicate with younger crowd,
  • Be cool !

             Cool Tip



Watch a video of a



  • From the POS, choose an adviser,
  • Choose a customer,
  • Click on the "SMS" button which is located bellow the "Customer" field.


  • Choose "Language" and select a template ( How to create SMS templates - V7.1) or type your own message,
  • Click on the green "Clock" icon to send the message,
  • Choose "Yes" when the validation message pops up.


NOTE: In order to send text messages to a customer directly from GEM-CAR' POS you need to activate that option in the customer's file - How to activate or disable the SMS function for a particular customer - V7.1 .