New visual and improved billing management for glass insurance since release 10.1
  • A GEM-GLASS subscription is required.  Click here to subscribe
  • Once subscribed, the Support Team will contact you to update your license.

From the Point of Sale or Main Menu, go to the "Product/Job Categories Management":

If you already have a category of type: "Insurance" in the list, check if it is already used for the glass insurance. If so, go to the next section, if not, follow the steps below.
  • Click the to add a new category,
  • Enter a category number,
  • In "Category Type", select "INSURANCE",
  • Enter a description (ex: GLASS INSURANCE),
  • Enter Sales GL and Purchases GL, (or leave blank for system default)
  • Check additional options on the right if necessary,
  • Click the disk to save.

Once the category is set, go to "Product/Job code management" window:

If you already have a product code for glass insurance, go to the next section, otherwise, follow the steps below.
  • Click the to add a new product,
  • Enter the glass insurance category number (created above) or click the spyglass to select it,
  • In the "Product code" field, enter a product code (e.g.: GLASS),
  • Enter a Description, (e.g.: GLASS INSURANCE),
  • Click the disk to save.
You can always include this product in a kit (package) that includes glass replacement or repair jobs, etc ...
 Do not forget to consult the FAQ  How to bill a linked customer (e.g. Insurance)?
Once your insurance product is configured, open an estimate for the customer from the Point of Sale:

  • Enter a glass insurance product code (e.g.: GLASS),
  • Press "ENTER" or "TAB" on your keyboard to continue,
  • Click the disk to save,

  • In the new window "Glass module", fill in the fields,
  • In bottom section, , check the "Glass break " option to display the photos of the vehicles,
  • Select the picture where the glass break is,
  • Use the drop-down list for more precise location of breakage,
  • Once you're done, you can click the signature pad icon (if you are subscribed to the GEM-PAD) to have the customer to sign, otherwise click the green check mark to finish,
Do not forget to add the other items or jobs needed for the repair on the estimate (or work order) before you invoice it.