Option 49. Display a message when the part is at its minimum
  • The minimum level has been reached when the quantity available (quantity on hand less the reserved quantity) is less than the minimum. The message will display when a part is added to an estimate and the quantity available is less than the minimum
Option 50. Plan appointments with no time on the punch
  • Allows a technician to point to a work order with the bar code; the system automatically transfers the job to the timeslot with his name. A record is therefore kept on the invoice (initials of technician in charge) of who performed the work while gathering statistics. Applicable in the rare cases when a company cannot use the calendar.
Option 51. Rounding the time of planned appointments
  • Since the agenda manages the 15-minute timeslots, some users prefer rounding appointments so as not to create a conflict in the agenda when there is a free space. However, this practice cannot be used by those who wish to validate their performance statistics, which includes allocated time.
Option 52. Activate WorldPac
  • All stations that use GEM-CAR must have the WorldPac software installed.
Option 53. Do not automatically schedule appointments
  • When a job is added to an estimate, the user must choose whether he wants to plan a job in the agenda right after the others or not. This way, you avoid filling out the schedule with additions that are not sold with an estimate.
Option 54. Do not ask for an invoice message to be added
  • Deactivate the message that asks the user to enter a reminder before creating an invoice.
Option 55. Serial number required when invoicing
  • Some provinces or states require that the vehicle’s serial number be included on the invoice.
Option 56. Activate the follow up on requests