GEM-CAR Installation Process - SQL Version 

Speed up the GEM-CAR installation by downloading the required files (mentioned below) and by doing your Windows updates when it is convenient for you.


Step A - Meet the GEM-CAR Minimum requirements

Make sure to check out The GEM-CAR Minimum Requirements


Step B - Windows Updates

Be sure to install the latest Windows updates on the workstations using GEM-CAR.

Summary of Steps:

  1. Be sure that the user name and the computer name are different.
  2. Validate: user = administrator.
  3. Validate the “Windows Service Pack” version and restart the computer.
  4. Validate the Windows updates and restart the computer.

Choose the help guide according to your version of Windows


Step C - Downloading the installation files

It is recommended to create a "GEM-CAR" folder on your (C:) Local Drive where the files will be saved.

On the server-computer, which represents the main computer where GEM-CAR and SQL will be installed, you must download:

On each of the client-computers that will be connected to the main computer (GEM-CAR server), you must download:


Step D - Support Software

In order to provide access to our support team technicians, you must download this small application to your desktop. Note that the person on the support team will only have access to your computer when you allow access by opening this application. Once the application has been closed, no one on the support team can connect to it.