1. Internal note vs memo


1.1. What is the difference? 


Internal note are notes that can only be seen by that are not printed on the invoice, but are printed on the work

orders. They are meant to transmit information between the technicians and the advisers.

On the other hand, memo are notes that are printed on invoices, but not on the work orders. They are meant to

transmit information about the work done to the customer.

Additional Note: There is no length limitation. Even tough those were not meant for that, you can write and

save a 200 pages novel in these fields if you want.

1.2. In the inventory module

You can set a default memo or internal note to a part or a labor that will always been saved in the detail of the

estimate when the user add the part.

You can set those by clicking either on the memo or internal note tab in the upper right corner of the inventory



1.3. In the point of sales

In the point of sales, internal note can only been set for labor:


On the other hand, a memo can be linked to any item by clicking on the memo button on the right.



1.4. Memo panel

I've been asked why the memo panel doesn't display even tough a note item has a memo.



On thing you must understand is control in VB6 don't support the mouse over event (action to execute when the

mouse is immobile over a control? it is the principle behind the tooltips).

So, we got to use the mouse move event which leads to two problems:

It is not instantaneously triggered

The event is continuously triggered as long as the mouse is moving

(Hum trigger...that's actually a good song of In flames...)

Every time the event is triggered, we send a query to the database in order to retrieve the memo and display it.

Of course, we could keep the keep the memo in an hidden col of the detail list like we do for other data


Yet, it is not an appropriate solution since the memo would not be refreshed unless we refresh the whole

estimate. Indeed, this is the kind of critical information that have great chance to evolve over time as the

technician works on the car.

So, we got the problem of an information that must always be refreshed to be exact and an event for which we

have a very limited power when it's triggered.

As I already explained quite some times, querying to the database is a costly process both on the network and

on the server computer. This is why, as programmers, we must limit those database calls as much as possible.

This is why it was decided we would display the memo panel only for jobs. Of course, since it is not possible for

technician to change memo, it would also be possible to keep them in memory (when loading the estimate) to

display them without querying every time.

Well, I'm only a humble subordinate and I don't take any decision here. If there's a need for such functionality,

ask directly to our most revered president, Mathieusama,

or our head programmer, Denissama

(speak in french




1.5. In the punch clock module

The technician can set internal note or job memo simply by clicking the in textbox.



The selected textbox will grow: