• To save 500$ and 25$ per month.


  • GEM-CAR allows you to do basic accounting actions with the management of specific rights, taxes, customer accounts, supplier accounts and checks printing.


  • To reduce accounting fees by entering monthly data entry rather than daily transactions using GEM-CAR reports.


  • To be able to manage thegarage outside with no need to be connected.


  • Benefit from a standardized configuration of your accounting guideline for the workshop.  If your GL aren’t set up, take an appointment with one of our tech supports who will gladly help you.


  • Bridges doesn’t prevent validations, however customers says that they still have to do double validations.


  • The stability of the unit transfer will depend of bridge component developed by the accounting system and the accountant itself. For example, a one-time upgrade of your accounting software can prevent transfers while a recent update is produced.
  • Technical restraints from accounting programs bring out constraints not derived from GEM-CAR. Example, some programs doesn’t allow a coexisting name for the same customer, employee or supplier.  In other cases, the phone number field can be limited to 12 digits.


  • Necessity for customers to always be up to date with the new versions of their accounting system. The transfer unit designed by accounting programs have the positivity of keeping customers up to date.

Data transfer is a one way operation, that being from GEM-CAR to your accounting program. This way, transactions added to the program won’t be displayed in the GEM-CAR reports.