Reason 1: Overlapping appointments

  • You receive a message that there is an overlapping appointment, the duration of the latter is 0:00 and it does not appear in the appointments.
  • At the top of the appointment form, click on the “position” button.
  • In the appointment position mode, choose a view with the job form.
  • Jobs in white are not scheduled: Duration is 0 or arrival time is 0:00.
  • Select and drag the job in the calendar (duration required).

Reason 2: Duration is 0:00

  • You placed a job that has a duration of 0:00 minutes

Reason 3: No arrival time

  • Appointments with no arrival time are scheduled in the appointment form in white.

Reason 4: End-of-day deletes appointments at the “invoice” stage

  • When you schedule one of the jobs (500 category) for another day and you make the client’s invoice, the jobs turn blue.
  • When you do an end-of-day, they disappear from the agenda so as not to bog it down. You will therefore lose your appointments.

If you must complete the job later, be sure to create it in a BLOCK or make another estimate for the job for this client.

There are a few possible scenarios or reasons;

  • After you have closed a job and invoiced it, it will no longer be displayed on the Agenda module.   But you can access the invoice anytime on in the Invoiced or archive files.
  • If you have not assigned a specific appointment time, it will not be posted on the agenda, but will be on the list of appointments.  
    To display it in the agenda, open the job and provide an appointment time.
  • If you have not provided sufficient time for the job, it will not be seen on the agenda either, but will be listed in the appointments.  To post it to the agenda, open the job and provide a duration time. (minimum 15 minutes)

An easier way to view all your appointments it to click on the View icon in the agenda.  Each time you click this icon, you will cycle through three various views.  If you see an appointment listed but not on the agenda, you will notice either there is no set time for the appointment and/or no duration time for the job.  To post a job to the agenda, simply click and drag (Drag & Drop) the appointment to the work bay and time you want.

There are two possible sources of error;

  •  Once you made the change, you did not close and restart GEM-CAR at each station in order to update (refresh) the data bases at each station. Closing and restarting GEM-CAR at each station will resolve the problem.
  • Your GEM-CAR software was not installed and configured as a network application. Call your GEM-CAR representative or technical support department to see what options are available to you.