You can move an appointment by using the "drag/drop" option which is integrated in GEM-CAR's calendar

You can use the cut/paste option which is integrated in GEM-CAR's calendar

  • Go to POS
  • Choose an appointment and perform right click
  • Choose the option cut
  • Choose the new date/time/technician, perform right click and paste



You can adjust the calendar screen size by going to:

  • "Point of sale" < ''Appointment'' or F9

  • "Display"

  • Activate the option "Adjust the calendar to the screen size" and click on the green checkmark.

  • In the agenda, right-click on the appointment.
  • Select “Remove from calendar” in the list of options.
  • From the agenda, check the option “Stick message” at the top of the screen.

Note: Once this option is activated, you can move the white box down by clicking on it and dragging it across the screen.

Option 1

  • In the calendar, right-click while holding down the button and sliding the mouse toward the top or bottom to adjust the appointment’s duration.

Option 2

  • Right-click on the appointment and select “Change the duration » in the list of options.