• In the menu, go to Vehicle Management > Vehicle Maintenance, 
  • Choose a vehicle and go to Customer list section,
  • Click on the green + sign, 
  • Find and double-click the new owner, in order to link it to the vehicle,
  • Delete the old owner,
  • Click Yes, then Exit.


There are many ways to find an estimate


By typing the estimate number in the POS

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By doubleclicking from the calendar

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By scanning a barcode on a work order

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By loading a customer in the POS and selecting a pending estimate

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By Searching from the list of estimate

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By Searching from the list of estimate

Option 1 Spy glass icon in the top right,  

  • Go to POS,
  • Click on the "Spy glass" next to "Order No:",
 Option 2 Spy glass in the grid of buttons
From the list 
  • Choose "Step" from the list of steps,
  • You can perform search by Customer's name, "Order"(work order number), Description, Item number or Invoice number.


  • If you didn't find anything, you can click search in the Archives,
  • Note: You can change how far in months, you want to go back in the Archives (Default value is 6 months, 0 to show everything)  

Note: When you open POS and choose customer that already has estimate created, GEM-CAR will display the following message:
"There are estimates for this vehicle, do you wish to display them?"


  • Go to POS
  • Choose an advisor
  • Choose a customer
  • Create an empty estimateestimate
  • Click on the spy glass right next to "Order No:"



  • Find the invoice/estimate from which you want to transfer items
  • Click on the button with the letter "A" which can be found right bellow the green "$" sign in the botton right corner



  • Uncheck the items that you wish to exclude from the transfer
  • Check the option "Import memos" if you wish to copy the memos along with the products
  • Click on the green button



  • When the transfer is done the "Capture parts to transfer" window will be automatically closed and you will be redirected to "Invoice search"


  • If you wish to transfer more items from another invoice repeat those steps. Otherwise close "Invoice search" by clicking on "Exit"

Your can now invoice your new estimate


  • In order to go to the pervous estimate you can use the "Arrow" icon in POS.
  • If you click with the right button of your mouse on the "Arrow" you will see a small preview of the previous estimate.

  • Go to the customer's file by clicking on the spy glass next to the field "Customer"
  • Click on the tab "Additional information"
  • Enter the e-mail addresses separated by " ;  "
  • When all e-mail addresses are added click on "Save".

Note: Sending an estimate/invoice to multiple e-mail addresses is not available for Access database.