Standard with GEM-CAR Enterprise

Agenda & Appointments:
  • Full Screen calendar with full function Drag & Drop technology
  • Automatic Appointment Reassignments
  • Appointment Status (Unassigned, Assigned, Underway, Completed)
  • Door (work bay) Management by Specialty, Task and/or technician
  • Drag n' Drop appointment management

Work Bay Overview Management:
  • Door View Management: Truck (4), automobile (7) Doors,
  • Management of Locations (Montreal, New York, etc.)
  • Vacation and Absenteeism Management
  • Technician Schedule Management
  • Breaks, Lunch, Shifts, Time off, etc

Quick & easy estimates,

  • Internet connectivity for online purchases with most distributors,
  • Send estimates via e-mail

Purchasing Module:
  • Material Requisitions,
  • Links parts from the Purchase orders to the appropriate Work Orders,
  • Product Bar Code Reading,
  • Parts Reception Management,
  • Purchase order.
Tire Retail, Tire Wholesale:
  • Price list with multiple discounts,
  • National Account Management,
  • Inventory of depository Management,
  • Tire retreading module.

Follow-up letter & email & call management,

"Old Core" and return management for credit

Inventory module:

  • Reservation,
  • Min and Max management,
  • 9 level of pricing,
  • Inventory reservation: work in progress & reservation,
  • Price Matrix,
  • Industrial label printing,
  • Bar code reader,
  • Customized inventory report.

Punch clock
  • Profitability/Performance reports

Document & picture tool for cellular phone
  • Link picture to work order 

Work Orders for :

  • Mechanic,
  • Tire,
  • Inspection,
  • Air conditioning.

Vehicle & Accessory management

  • Stock Number Management
  • Vehicle Cost (great for ROI validation)
  • Serial Number Management
  • Anti-start, wheel locks, tire pressure sensors, etc.

Tire Module
  • National accounts management
  • Taxes and specific duty management
  • Tire search module
  • Tire list management
  • Manufacturer rebate management
  • Tire storage management and labeling

Preventative maintenance

Specials and package & kit management

Daily efficiency reports


  • Email blast
  • Texting blast
  • Web site management
  • SEO
  • Digital TV
  • Digital Kiosk
  • Social media management
  • Online reputation


Digital inspection: GEM-CHECK


Automatic backups: GEM-BACKUP