• Go to POS,
  • Choose "F9"-Appointments,
  • Go to "Colours",
  • Change your color code.


  • The fields with colored background will only have the background color changed.
  • The fields with colored text will only have the text color changed.
  • You can always get back to the default colors by clicking "Default colors".


  • Go to "Planning"/ "Work Bay management",
  • Add cost price for each technician.

  • Go to POS,
  • Click on the spy glass right next to "Advisor",
  • Click on the "+" sign,
  • Add Number, Name, and Telephone,
  • Save,
  • Now select the "NEW ADVISOR" to bring it to the POS or click on "Exit" to close the window.

To add :

  • Go to "Planning"/"Work Bay management",
  • Click on the "+" sign
  • Add "Number", Description, Initial, Cost, Type of bay and Lunch time,
  • Save.

To delete : 

  • Select the Bay or tech and press the '' - '' sign.
  • Save.




Create a view for a specific technician in the agenda/calendar 

Creating a view with all bays

  • Go to the “Planning” / “Display Management” menu.

  • Click on the "+".
  • Enter a name, e.g.: "ALL",
  • Select all the bays/technicians.
  • Save.

In the agenda/calendar

  • Click on the “Display” button at the top.
  • Select “ALL” in the display list.
  • Click on the button with the green checkmark or double click.
  • In the agenda, you can now “Drag & Drop” with the technician/bay’s header. The order will be saved by closing the form.