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Release note - GEM-CAR version 13.0.3


Starting with version 13.0.3, GEM-CAR now has a new SMS component to adapt to the changes imposed by North American cellphone carriers for security, privacy and spamming. We also partnered with Global Payments to integrate their payment terminals with GEM-CAR. Furthermore, we improved many features and fixed bugs. You can find the list of these new features, improvements and fixes below.

New features

  • GEM-CAR now integrates with Global Payments payment terminals - USER MANUAL.
    • You can initiate card transactions from GEM-CAR. They will be sent to the terminals.
    • Settlement reports are printed on the terminals when doing the end-of-day procedure.
  • GEM-CAR now has a new SMS component - USER MANUAL;


  • We added:
    • an option to create reminders without creating proposed and rescheduled estimates in the Point of sale - HOW-TO;
    • a new invoice model with the currency symbol ($) always on the left side of amounts - USER MANUAL;
    • a new invoice model in US dollars (USD) that shows conversion to Congolese francs (CF) - USER MANUAL;
    • a Payment button in the Receive parts with invoices window that transfers invoices to the Payment inscription window for quick payment - HOW-TO;
    • access to the Supplier maintenance, Invoice entry and Payment inscription windows by right-clicking on the Purchases button in the Point of sale - USER MANUAL;
    • an option to use the Adjustment window to manage quantities in the Product/Job code management widow - USER MANUAL;
    • a Merge button in the Receive parts with invoices and Purchases windows that merges all items with the same price, code and product number together - USER MANUAL;
    • an option to prevent sending personal information to SiriusXM1,2 for specific customers - USER MANUAL;
    • an option to never automatically add new items to the inventory in the Point of sale - USER MANUAL;
    • a new Invoices by category report which includes customer numbers, transaction numbers, labor, parts, taxes and payment method - USER MANUAL;
    • Benin to the list of countries in the Company management settings;
    • new banners for NAPA, OK Tire and Point S on invoices - USER MANUAL;
    • promotional banners for the GEM-MONEY invoices - USER MANUAL;
    • the option to transfer the mileage when sending an estimate to AutoServe1 - USER MANUAL; and
    • the Time tech report in the Punch clock for advisor mode - USER MANUAL.
  • We removed:
    • option 85 - Use Lift & Shift from the General Information settings that was causing issues with end-of-day procedure; and
    • automatic syncing with AutoServe1.
  • AutoServe1 inspection sheets now close when invoices are closed.


  • We fixed bugs that caused:
    • credits and debits to be imbalanced on the Accounting transactions summary report when there were payments to suppliers with discounts;
    • the Print button in the Reception on purchase order window not to work properly;
    • the labor cost to sometimes be calculated incorrectly on the Sales report and the Sales by product report;
    • the name of advisors not to show on the report while printing a Sales report by advisor;
    • users with punch clock access to be able to only visualize estimates and closed invoices;
    • the options for the Punch window report to be unavailable;
    • GEM-CAR to crash when sending a large number of e-mails at the same time;
    • the warranty message on estimates and invoices to show in the wrong language;
    • the information in the note fields not to be sent properly to AutoServe1;
    • GEM-LINK not to transfer information properly from the Receive parts with invoice window;
    • the calendar to sometimes crash;
    • the size and number of available pictures to be incorrect when configuring invoice models;
    • the French messages not to show certain invoices models for customers with English as the communication language;
    • GEM-CAR to crash when the comment was too long in the Adjustment window; and
    • sizing issues when printing inspection sheets in French.
  • We also fixed:
    • typographical, orthographical and translation mistakes;
    • truncated words and fields; and
    • display bugs.

  1. SiriusXM is a trademark of Sirius XM Canada Holdings Inc. 

  2. SiriusXM is a trademark of Sirius XM Holdings Inc.