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Release note - GEM-CAR version 14.0.0


With GEM-CAR version 14.0.0, we completely rebuilt the CARFAX data sharing module. It now features increased data file transfer security and uses your V2V organization number for all Carfax services (data sharing, VIN decoder, vehicle history, etc.). We also improved the e-mail module that can now directly send e-mails using our server, so no more SMTP configuration is necessary. It just takes a minute to set up and features increased deliverability, stability, and reliability. In addition, other major changes include the upgrades of the 411 service integration for increased performance and the upgrade of the bridge framework technology that now uses Microsoft .NET 5.


  • We improved the e-mail module and simplified its configuration - USER MANUAL.
  • We upgraded or updated:
    • the Carfax data sharing module - USER MANUAL;
    • the 411 service integration module - USER MANUAL;
    • the bridge framework technology to use Microsoft .NET 5; and
    • the GEM-CHECK inspection sheets for trailers - USER MANUAL.
  • We added:
    • a button that redirects to the GEM-CAR referral webpage in the Quick solution guide window - USER MANUAL;
    • a checkbox in the Customer management window to opt out customers from GEM-MONEY - USER MANUAL;
    • a shortcut button to send SMSes directly from the Customer management window - USER MANUAL;
    • information about the vehicle (make, model, year, color and mileage) in the vehicle sales contracts window);
    • a new field in the Company management window to specify the phone number for SMS replies - USER MANUAL;
    • a logo for the Rockauto GEM-LINK - USER MANUAL; and
    • a Do no reply to this e-mail mention in the reply SMS template.
  • The GEM-CAR SMS module can now:
    • send SMS in Africa; and
    • send MMS in replies.


  • We fixed bugs and problems that caused:
    • the Invoice by category report not to detail taxes properly;
    • the item quantity to be doubled in the inventory when the purchase and sale locations are different;
    • headers to disappear for some date ranges on the Performance report by work bay / technician report;
    • details for paid invoices to disappear when reprinting checks after updating GEM-CAR;
    • GEM-CAR to sometimes crash when changing payment methods for invoices;
    • the Bill to section to be empty on shipping orders for customers with third-party payers;
    • the Sales by customer report to display wrong titles;
    • the date for the next oil change service not to be calculated correctly;
    • errors when configuring the new e-mail module;
    • incorrect warning and validation messages when enabling and disabling some GEM-CAR options;
    • GEM-CAR to accept higher entry mileage than exit mileage when option 118 is activated;
    • GEM-CAR windows not to focus properly when transferring parts using GEM-LINK on a cloud setup;
    • transactions to fail with Global Payment terminals;
    • data sharing with SiriusXM to sometimes fail for US customers;
    • account statements being displayed instead of being sent by e-mail;
    • error messages and failures when sending SMSes; and
    • e-mail sending failures when containing slashes ("/").
  • We fixed a bug that allowed the SMS report to be available with the new SMS module.
  • We fixed bugs and problems that allowed SMSes to be sent even if:
    • the V2V organization number was not defined in the GEM-CAR configuration; and
    • the phone number is invalid.
  • We also fixed:
    • typographical, orthographical and translation mistakes;
    • truncated text or fields; and
    • display bugs.