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Release notes - GEM-CAR 2021

We're excited to release GEM-CAR 2021! It has a new modern look and uses the latest technology. We will progressively migrate the GEM-CAR 14 modules to GEM-CAR 21 in the years to come. The new features, improvements, and bug fixes listed in the release notes below only apply to GEM-CAR 2021.

Version 2021.11.2.260


We fixed a bug that caused customers opening links from French SMSes to be redirected to English webpages. This bug affected links to unsubscribe and to confirm appointments.

Version 2021.11.2.259


We added a link to the release notes webpage in the update section.

Version 2021.11.29.256


We fixed a bug that prevented edits in the Calendar category settings to be saved.

Version 2021.11.29.255


We fixed a bug that caused work orders to be missing when creating new appointments with a drag and drop on the Calendar.

Version 2021.11.26.254


The Calendar settings now refresh automatically when you navigate between tabs to avoid concurrency conflicts.

Version 2021.11.25.253


The Calendar now refreshes automatically after saving settings to avoid concurrency conflicts.

Version 2021.11.25.252


We fixed a bug that caused the reservation legend not to be centered in the Calendar when GEM-CAR 2021 displays in full screen.

Version 2021.11.25.251


Appointment names and descriptions can't be edited by default anymore for appointments imported from GEM-CAR 14 in the Calendar. We added a switch to desynchronize them and make them editable again. See Appointment window: Appointment configuration options for more information.

Version 2021.11.24.250


Appoint subjects now show vehicle information instead of customer information in the Calendar.

Version 2021.11.22.247


We implemented a zoom feature in the Calendar.

Version 2021.11.19.246


We fixed a bug that caused appointments to disappear when changing the view, date or mode in the Calendar.

Version 2021.11.18.245


We fixed a bug that caused memo tooltips not to wrap and not to show the whole notes.

Version 2021.11.18.244


We fixed a bug that caused the unplanned work orders and jobs lists to hide the Calendar when there was a large number of items.

Version 2021.11.18.243


We darkened the text for the "Customer is waiting" feature in the Appointment window for improved legibility.

Version 2021.11.2.238


Appointment data imports from GEM-CAR 14 now include VINs.

Version 2021.11.2.237


We fixed a bug that caused crashes when dragging dropping resources in the view configuration.

Version 2021.11.2.236


We added a list of active tags to the appointment tooltips.

Version 2021.1.28.233


We fixed a bug that caused tooltips not to show for some appointment badge icons.

Version 2021.1.21.232


Text on light-colored appointment badges in the Calendar is now dark for improved readability.

Version 2021.1.18.230


Public and internal notes on work orders and jobs now show in tooltips on the Unplanned list.

Version 2021.1.15.229


We fixed a bug that caused the "Automated system" mentions to be missing for automated SMSes.

Version 2021.1.12.228


We fixed a bug that caused status icons to duplicate on appointment badges.

Version 2021.1.12.227


We fixed a bug that caused missing Job started tatus icons on appointment badges until the Calendar is refreshed.

Version 2021.1.12.225


We fixed a bug that caused missing phone numbers and references for unsent SMSes.

Version 2021.9.22.223

With this first GEM-CAR 2021 release, we introduce the new Schedule module and the new features listed below. See GEM-CAR 2021: New features and improvements to get started.

New Schedule module

We migrated the Schedule module to GEM-CAR 2021. See its User manual for detailed information on its new features.

New features

User interface

GEM-CAR 2021 has a brand new clean, intuitive and modern user interface. See User interface improvements for more information.

Online database and back-up

GEM-CAR 2021 now uses an online database. You don't need to back up anymore. See Database and Back-up for more information.


GEM-CAR 2021 uses the Microsoft MSIX installation package technology. You can now install it easily and don't need help from our technical support team anymore. See Installation for instructions.


GEM-CAR 2021 automatically updates itself in the background on a regular basis. You don't need to worry about updates anymore. See Update for more details.