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Upgrade to SQL Server 2019

GEM-CAR is dependent on SQL Server for the database it uses. Consequently, Microsoft SQL Server must be installed on your computers. Previously, GEM-CAR was compatible with SQL Server 2008 and 2019. From now on, the development of GEM-CAR will be based on SQL Server 2019 that Microsoft is going to support until 2025.

The change for SQL Server 2019 increases the efficiency of the history, file management and query optimization functions for the SQL database used by GEM-CAR. This translates into major gains in performance and stability. Furthermore, the security processes have been improved, which means more secure usage of your data. This update will not have any other impact on the way you presently use GEM-CAR.

Microsoft having stopped supporting SQL Server 2008, this version could eventually suffer from compatibility issues with GEM-CAR. Then, we cannot guarantee anymore that all the features of GEM-CAR will work as intended. Furthermore, if you continue to use SQL Server 2008, you may face security risks for your data.

Please contact us to make an appointment as soon as you are ready to upgrade to SQL Server 2019. If a computer is older than 8 years old, we recommend that you buy a new one on which we will install SQL Server 2019 and GEM-CAR at the same time.