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Upgrading to Windows 10

Why upgrade to Windows 10?

GEM-CAR must be installed on computers running Microsoft Windows 10 version 1909 or later with all applicable updates. Versions of Windows 10 prior to 1909 might have compatibility issues with GEM-CAR. The same thing applies for any other versions of Windows like Windows 8, 7 or XP. Microsoft having stopped supporting all these versions, we therefore cannot guarantee that all the features of GEM-CAR would work as intended. Furthermore, running older and unsupported versions of the Windows operating system can put your data at risk because of security breaches.

We invite you to visit our tutorial on how to upgrade to Windows 10 if your need help.

Make an apointment with one of our technicians for the reinstallation and configuration of GEM-CAR

After upgrading to Windows 10, GEM-CAR needs to be reinstalled and windows configured by one of our technicians. We then strongly recommend that you call us in advance to make an appointment with a GEM-CAR technician before planning the upgrade. You can reach us at the coordinates below.