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Feedback portal

We started to develop a brand new interface for GEM-CAR 2022 using the latest technology. The GEM-CAR 14 modules will be progressively migrated to GEM-CAR 2022 in the years to come. Once it's in your hands, our development team would appreciate to receive feedback from you. For this reason, we launched the GEM-CAR 2022 Feedback portal on which you can submit suggestions or report bugs. We also invite you to take part in discussions with the GEM-CAR community and vote for new features. To go to the Feedback portal, select this link.

Alternatively, in the GEM-CAR 2022 Main menu, go to Help and select Feedback Portal.

The Feedback portal only concerns GEM-CAR 2022. GEM-CAR 14 and GEM-CAR 2022 are easy to distinguish because their designs are different. GEM-CAR 2022 is either light or dark gray and has a modern look.


GEM-CAR 2022

Sign up and log in

To sign up or log in to the Feedback portal, follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to the Feedback portal, select your language and then Log in.
  2. Select Tweeter, Google, or Facebook to log in using these social media or the Envelope to use your email address.
  3. If you want to log in using your email address and didn't sign up yet, select Sign up and follow the instructions onscreen.

Submit messages

Follow the instructions below to submit messages on the Feedback portal.

  1. Under Create Post, type the title and the message in the fields.
  2. Select the Paper clip to attach files, if needed, and then Submit.

Take part in discussions

Follow the instructions belows to take part in discussions on the Feedback portal.

  1. Go to a post and type your comment in the field.
  2. Select the Paper clip to attach files, if needed, and then Submit.

Vote for ideas

To vote for ideas, select or deselect the Up arrow on the left of a post title to add or remove your vote.


If you create new posts or interact with posts from other users, you will receive notifications by email when they also interact with these messages.


The Feedback portal is intended for feedback, suggestions and discussions concerning GEM-CAR 2022. Posts regarding GEM-CAR 14 will not be taken into account and will be deleted. Furthermore, new ideas, comments, bug reports, discussions and critics are welcome and we expect them to be friendly and respectful. No verbal violence or excessive negativity will be tolerated. Therefore, the posts could be moderated or deleted.