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GEM-CAR 2021: New features and improvements

You will find, on this page, details concerning the GEM-CAR 2021 new features and improvements. We notably improved the way it manages databases and backups, the installation and update processes and the user interface. GEM-CAR 2021 was also developed to provide accrued privacy and security.


One of the main differences between GEM-CAR 14 and GEM-CAR 2021 is that GEM-CAR 2021, unlike GEM-CAR 14, does not rely on local databases. In fact, GEM-CAR 2021 uses online databases which are stored in two (2) Microsoft Azure data centers in Quebec City and Toronto in Canada. Consequently, an Internet connection is required at all time while using GEM-CAR 2021. These databases are owned by GEM-CAR, but the data they contain is owned by our customers. They are replicated in the two (2) data centers to insure great security and reliable service without interruption.


With regard to the modules migrated to GEM-CAR 2021, because the data is constantly saved and stored in data centers, there is no need for local backups. However, for the data used by the GEM-CAR 14 modules, local backups will remain necessary until the transition to GEM-CAR 2021 is complete. The new backup technology features a point-in-time system from which it is possible to recover data in ranges of five (5) to ten (10) minutes over a seven-(7)-day period.


GEM-CAR 2021 uses the Microsoft MSIX installation package technology. Applications using this installation technology being signed, they offer increased security and do not require administrator rights. The installation process is then easy and simple and does not require the intervention of our technical support team.


The GEM-CAR 2021 update process is automatic and done in the background. It is frequent and transparent for users to improve the application, fix bugs or add new features. You will never have to worry about taking time to update the application because the process is triggered when the application starts. Furthermore, when updating, only the needed files are downloaded and installed. This means faster download and installation and fewer data usage over the Internet.

User interface improvements

Because we implemented the improvements below to the user interface, GEM-CAR 2021 has a new look and is more practical and intuitive.

  • It has a brand new clean, intuitive and modern interface.
  • You can choose between a light or dark theme.
  • All windows are now resizable.
  • It adapts well to high resolution monitors up to 8K.
  • It is fully compatible with Windows 10 scaling options.