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System Requirements

GEM-CAR requirements

Before planning the installation of GEM-CAR, please be certain that your computers and your network meet the system requirements detailed below. GEM-CAR might work on computers with lower specifications, but performance will be impaired and some features of the software could not work properly.

If the computers or your network do not meet the requirements listed below, you still have an option for using GEM-CAR. You may benefit from using GEM-CLOUD, the cloud-based version of GEM-CAR that works anywhere and on any device.

Minimal requirements

Previous versions of Windows

GEM-CAR must be installed on computers running Microsoft Windows 10 with all applicable updates. Versions of Windows 10 older than 2004 might have compatibility issues with GEM-CAR. Microsoft having stopped supporting all these versions, we therefore cannot guarantee that all the features of GEM-CAR would work as intended.

Multi-station environment

Wireless network (Wi-Fi)

GEM-CAR is designed to work on a wired network. If you use it on a wireless network, you might experience performance and connectivity issues.

GEM-CAR is designed to work on a local wired network of computers in a multi-station environment. On a network, one of the computers acts as the server hosting the SQL database and as a workstation while the other computers only act as workstations. However, if your local network has five workstations or more, we recommend that you consider using an extra computer as a dedicated SQL server. This dedicated SQL server could run Windows Server 2019.

Requirements for the multi-station environment

  • Wired cable network
  • Commercial grade 100 MB/sec or faster network cards supporting the TCP/IP network protocol
  • Commercial grade 100 MB/sec or faster routers supporting the TCP/IP network protocol

SQL database

Read-only domain controllers

The server hosting the SQL database cannot be a read-only domain controller because you cannot create security groups or provision SQL server service accounts on it.

GEM-CAR is dependent on SQL Server for the database it uses. Consequently, Microsoft SQL Server 2019 must be installed on your computers. On a network of five computers or less, the license for SQL Server Express is free. For more than five computers, a full SQL Server license must be purchased. See the SQL Server webpage for more specific information about its requirements and pricing.


The SQL database used by GEM-CAR contains crucial information about the software, your company and your clients. Consequently, we strongly recommend that you back up this database on a regular basis and that you keep it safe outside of your operation building. Any flash drive or external storing device of 64 GB or more will do for backups. You may also choose to use GEM-BACKUP, our cloud-based backup service.

Virtualization and remote desktops

We do not support installing and running GEM-CAR on virtualization (Citrix, VMWare, Parallels Desktop, etc.) and remote desktop (Terminal Server) configurations. A professional network administrator might succeed in installing the software on these configurations, but it would be a very complex process that would imply a lot of maintenance. In fact, it would require a lot of authorizations on the server and the hardware requirements would also be very high. The system requirements listed above would then have to be multiplied by the number of remote desktops. For example, a server for 20 workstations would require 160 GB of RAM. In addition, you will run into a number of disabling issues like problems when configuring and using printers. For all these reasons, we recommend that you use GEM-CLOUD our cloud-based service that has been conceived for the same needs and will make you save time, efforts and money.