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Why is it important to keep GEM-CAR up to date?

GEM-CAR receives regular updates. They are important because they continually improve the software. If you want to benefit from the many performance and stability improvements, bug fixes and new features, be sure to keep GEM-CAR up to date. In this section, we will guide you in the process of updating GEM-CAR.

Update within GEM-CAR

On the GEM-CAR main screen, there is a section with information about the current version of GEM-CAR. If one of the lines is red, it means that an update for GEM-CAR or one of its components is available. Click on the red line to start the updating process.

Update available

GEM-CAR will initiate the update process within GEM-CAR and update itself. Follow the onscreen instructions to proceed.

Update with the GEM-CAR Installer

You may also chose to update using the GEM-CAR installer. Open it and click on the Updatetab in the Main menu. The Installer will then notify you if an update is available. Click on the Update button to initiate the process.

Update available