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How to automatically print invoices sent by e-mail?

You can configure GEM-CAR to automatically print the invoices that you send to customers by e-mail. To do so, follow the steps below.


  1. In the GEM-CAR Main menu go to Configuration > Local configuration.
  2. in the Local configuration window, click on the Printers tab.
  3. In the Printing configuration by work step section, for the SEND BY E-MAIL step, click on the number in the Copies column and change it for 2 (the first copy being the one sent by e-mail and the second one that is printed).
  4. Click on the diskette button to save.
  5. Restart GEM-CAR.

How to use it?

After sending invoices to customers by e-mail, after closing it, it will automatically be printed. This feature is only available when closing invoices after cashing. Thus, if you access invoices in archives or history, this feature will not be available.