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How to save copies of estimates sent by e-mail

!!! warning inline end “Only estimates sent after option 92 has been enabled will be saved.”

An option to save copies of estimates sent by e-mail can be enabled in GEM-CAR. You can then access these copies whenever you wish for consultation or to resend or print them. Follow the steps below to enable and use this feature.

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Enable option 92

Follow the steps below to enable option 92 in the GEM-CAR General information settings.

  1. In the GEM-CAR Main menu, go to Configuration > General information.
  2. Click on the Options tab.
  3. Check option 92Save a copy of estimates sent by e-mail.
  4. Click on the diskette button to save.

Access saved copies of estimates sent by e-mail

Once option 92 has been activated, follow the steps below to access a saved copy of an estimate that has been sent by e-mail.

  1. From the Point of sale, load the customer’s profile.
  2. Click on the magnifying glass button on the left of the customer’s name.
  3. From the Customer management window, click on the List of e-mails sent to the customer button.
  4. In the E-mails sent to the customer window, select the estimate that you wish to access.
  5. Click on the Print the order button.

From there, you can consult the estimate or export it on the computer or print it by clicking on the buttons on the top left corner of the print preview window.

If you wish to learn how to resend e-mails, you can consult this how-to.