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How to link kits to tire categories

Most of the time, when you sell tires, you also install them and use the same installation kits. You can link these kits to tire categories in your inventory. This way, each time you add inventory items contained in these tire categories on estimates, GEM-CAR will also add the installation kits. To do so, follow the instructions below.

  1. In the Management of kits window, when configuring the intallation kit, enable the Can be linked option. See the Management of kits user manual for more information on how to create and configure kits.
  2. In the Product/Job category management window, when configuring the tire category, add the installation kit product code in the Linked field or retrieve it using the Magnifying glass button. See the Inventory management: Category management and Inventory management: Link products to categories user manuals for more information on how to configure categories and link products to categories.