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Mitchell1 ProDemand

What is Mitchell1 ProDemand?

Mitchell1 ProDemand delivers complete enterprise output management (OEM) repair, estimating & maintenance information, along with exclusive real-world knowledge in a single lookup, to help automotive technicians repair vehicles more accurately and efficiently. For a more detailed description, please visit the Mitchell1 ProDemand website.

You need a subscription from Mitchell1 to use Mitchell1 ProDemand which is not included with GEM-CAR

Mitchell1 ProDemand can be integrated with GEM-CAR. You can then take advantage of the features provided by Mitchell1 ProDemand listed below.

  • Transfer of time and description on work orders.
  • Time estimations based on automotive industry standards
  • According to the type of vehicle, a job can vary in time. The standard time guide permits you to create precise estimates rapidly.
  • One-hundredth billing. Each one-hundredth counts at the end of the year!

GEM-CAR ensures the link with Mitchell1 ProDemand and the jobs created in Mitchell1 ProDemand in the estimates produces by GEM-CAR. They can then be sent to customers by email or SMS. Please contact the GEM-CAR technical support to add a link to Mitchell1 ProDemand in your Point of sales.

Mitchell 1 ProDemand connection problems

The Mitchell1 Prodemand Website automatically registers users' connections. If, for any reason, the connection to the website is lost, the only option is to wait for the website to release your account and log you back in. In general, the connection comes back after 15 or 20 minutes.