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Regulation concerning details on invoices

Detailed invoices

Once repairs have been done on vehicles, repair shops must provide their customers with detailed invoices containing the following information:

  • the name and address of the customer and of the repair shop;
  • a description of the vehicle including the brand, the make and the license plate number;
  • the delivery date of the vehicle and the mileage showing on the odometer at this date;
  • the descriptions of the repairs done on the vehicle;
  • the list of all parts that have been placed (precising if they are new, second-hand or refurbished) and their price;
  • the needed time for the repairs, the hourly rates of technicians and the total cost of the workforce;
  • the amount of the applicable taxes;
  • the total of the amounts required from the customer; and
  • the details concerning the warranty.

Environment, recycling and repair shop material fees

Regulation is precise concerning invoicing for repair shop material and environment and recycling fees. The rules vary whether repairs are done on vehicles or not and concerning cars or motorcycles.

One way to retrieve costs from them consists in precising the nature, the quality and the price for each of the parts. For example, it could be: 1 new bolt for $0.95 or 3 new sand paper sheets for $0.75. As the case may be, this information can be included in the total cost of the workforce that must be included on invoices.