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Jobs not associated with work orders or absent in the agenda

If you cannot find jobs that have been added to estimates in the agenda, it might be that they have been mistakenly hidden. Each time you click on the Position button, you will cycle through three views, one of them in fact hiding the available work orders. Consequently, first click on the Position button until the work orders show again. Then, once they appeared on the list, you can drag and drop them on the calendar.

If you still cannot find the work orders on the agenda's list, they might not be associated with the right job code. In fact, only jobs contained in the 500 category (appointments) are associated with work orders. Consequently, first access the Product/Job code management window and then verify that the category number of these jobs is 500.

If the category number is correct (500), verify that minimum intervals of 15 minutes are configured for the job codes. In fact, if they are shorter than 15 minutes, the job codes will now be available in the agenda.