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UCDA car sale contracts

Access a contract

Follow the steps below if you need to access UCDA used car sale contracts.

  1. From the Point of Sale, click on the Vehicle File button.
  2. From the Vehicle Maintenance window, click on the vehicle in the list.
  3. Click on the Print the vehicle sale contract button.

A new window will appear. In the Vehicle File blue menu at the left, you will find all the available choices for filling new contracts and, in the Pending Contract section, all pending contracts that you saved for later editing.

Edit a contract

To create or edit UCDA car sale contracts, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on a contract type in the Vehicle File blue menu at the left.
  2. Edit the contract.
  3. Click on the diskette icon in the top right corner. The contract will now show in the Pending Contract section for later editing.
  4. Double click on a pending contract in the list for further editing before completion and signature.

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