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How to upgrade to Windows 10?

Make an appointment for the reinstallation and configuration of GEM-CAR

After all computers on your network have been updated to Windows 10 and are fully functional, GEM-CAR needs to be reinstalled by one of our technicians. We then recommend that you call us in advance to make an appointment before you make the upgrade to Windows 10 on your side. You can reach us at the coordinates below.

Fees of $100 are applicable if we need to migrate an SQL database from an old server to a new computer.

Buy a Windows 10 license

To upgrade a previous version of Windows to Windows 10, you need to purchase a valid Windows 10 license from Microsoft.

Purchase Windows 10

However, if your computer is older than 8 years old, we recommend that you buy a new computer on which Windows 10 is already installed. The license is included in the price when purchasing a new computer.

Upgrade to Windows 10

You are now ready for the upgrade. It can take up to four hours and the computer cannot be used during the process. Consequently, you need to plan some time to complete this task.

  1. To avoid losing important data, it is important to back up the important files on your computer and the GEM-CAR database.

  2. Download the Download tool from the Microsoft website and launch it.

  3. Read and agree on the license terms and click on Accept to continue.

  4. Select Upgrade this PC Now and click on Next. The tool will take a while to download the installation files for the operating system. This may take hours even on a high-speed Internet connection.

  5. When asked, enter the Windows 10 license key that you purchased earlier and click on Next.

  6. Read and agree on the license terms and click on Accept to continue.

  7. From the Ready to install window, you may choose between three ways for upgrading. You may choose to initiate an upgrading process from your actual Windows installation using the Keep personal files and apps option. This way, you will keep all installed software and documents. This is the option Windows will select for you by default if you click on Install right away.

  8. If you you click on Change what to keep, you can also choose the Keep personal files only option that will keep all your documents, but delete all applications and settings. Sometimes, it may also be better to do a full reinstallation of Windows to start from fresh without any virus or malware or to clean bad configurations. However, this type of installation will delete all applications and documents on the computer. In this case, select Nothing. Click on Next after having made your choice.

  9. Back to the Ready to install window, click on the Install button to initiate the upgrading process. This may take hours and the computer may need to restart a couple of times during the process.