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GEM-CAR 2021

We started to develop a brand new interface for GEM-CAR which uses the latest technology. In the years to come, the GEM-CAR 14 modules will progressively be migrated to GEM-CAR 2022. To benefit from these new upgraded modules, additional software must be installed. The process is easy and simple.

It's easy to differentiate GEM-CAR 14 from GEM-CAR 2021 because their designs are different. GEM-CAR 2021 is either light or dark gray and has a modern look. In the example pictures below, you can see the difference between the two interfaces.


GEM-CAR 2021

In this user manual, you will find the information about the features of GEM-CAR 2021. It includes the following sections.

GEM-CAR 2022 is a standalone application that can import data from GEM-CAR 14. Open it from the Windows Start menu or select the shortcut in the GEM-CAR 14 Main menu.