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Active entity management

In the GEM-CAR 2022 settings, you can create custom entities such as categories, time markers, resources, or tags. If they can be associated with other parent objects in the database, such as customer appointments, you will find activity switches in their settings.

You can use the activity switches to disable custom entities without deleting them. This way, they won't be available anymore when you configure new or existing parent objects. However, if a parent object is already associated with an inactive custom entity, this entity will still be available for this object. Once dissociated from a parent object, it will not be available anymore for this object.

Deleting an entity associated with a parent object in the database is problematic. In fact, this could corrupt the database. For this reason, deleting these entities isn't allowed. If you try to do so, you will get error messages.

If a custom entity isn't associated with any parent object in the database, you can delete it. Therefore, you can unlink it first by performing the appropriate action in GEM-CAR 2022 before deleting it. You can also delete the active parent object before deleting the linked entity.