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Concurrency management

If you run into error messages warning you of concurrency conflicts, it might be due to network or saving concurrency management.

This is normal behavior and can be avoided by refreshing GEM-CAR 2022 before making operations in the application. To do so, select the F5 key or the Refresh button.

Network concurrency management

GEM-CAR 2022 relies on an online database. It can be solicited by several users on different computers simultaneously. When multiple users try to modify settings, customer data, accounting data, or appointments at the same time, concurrent accesses are controlled. This means that, after a user modified a certain portion of the database, further modification of this same portion isn't allowed until GEM-CAR has been refreshed.

Saving concurrency management

Concurrency management can also happen while saving data. Because GEM-CAR 2022 constantly saves data online, there can be delays in saving operations. If you try to do multiple quick operations affecting the same portion of the database, concurrency conflicts errors can occur. Therefore, if there is an ongoing saving process in the background, GEM-CAR won't let you save until it is finished.