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On the Help tab of the Main menu, you will find links to contact us, learn more about the GEM-CAR 2022 features, go to our feedback portal, refer a friend, and visit our social media pages.

Contact us

Under Contact us, you will find resources to get help.

  • Select Start a chat to chat with the technical support team.
  • If you linked your Android phone to Windows 10, select the phone number to send it to your phone and call our technical support team.
  • Select the email to send a message to our technical support team.
  • At the request of our technical support team, select Start an assistance session with GEM-SUPPORT to begin a remote connection session.


Under Learning, you can find links to our online learning platforms.


Under Feedback, you will find a link to our Feedback portal on which you can report bugs, submit feedback and new ideas, and participate in discussions about GEM-CAR 2022.

Referral and social media

You can refer us a friends who might be interested in GEM-CAR or go to our social media pages.

  • Select Refer a friend to go to our referral website.
  • Select a social media icon to go to the GEM-CAR page on this social media.