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Appointment window

The Appointment window contains the following tabs:

You can edit advanced appointment options on the Information tab and consult the communication history for the appointment on the Communication tab. To open the Appointment window, use one of the following methods.

  • Double-click an appointment badge.
  • Right-click an appointment badge and select Open.


On the Information tab, you can edit advanced appointment options. To do so, select Information, edit the options, and select OK to save.

Appointment configuration options

When adding or editing appointments, follow the configuration guidelines below.

  • Subject: Enter a title for the appointment in this field. This field can't remain empty.
  • Description: Enter a description for the appointment or any additional information in this field.

When you import appointments from GEM-CAR 14, the Subject and Description fields are populated automatically and can't be edited by default. To make these fields editable, turn the switch next to the Subject field off. Note that if you turn it off, the customer and vehicle information won't update anymore if you change it in GEM-CAR 14.

  • Start time: Select the mini calendar next to this field and choose the start date and time for the appointment.
  • End time: Select the mini calendar next to this field and choose the end date and time for the appointment.
  • All day event: Select this checkbox to convert the appointment into an all-day event.
  • Tag: In this field and use the drop-down menu to add tags to the appointment.
  • Resource types: Below the Tag field, there are additional drop-down menus depending on the configured resource types in the current view. Add or delete resources assigned to this appointment using these drop-down menus. If multiple selection is enabled in the resource types settings, you can select multiple resources by selecting their respective checkboxes. If you do so, the appointment badge will overlap multiple resource columns in the Calendar.
  • Work order: If a work order is associated with the appointment, it is indicated in this section.


On the Communication tab, you can consult the communication history for the appointment. You will find a list of all SMSes and emails sent to the customer.