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Developers use telemetry to collect data about the usage of software applications. It allows them to log every action performed by users. They then use this data to determine the frequency of use of the different features are how they are used. With this information on hand, developers can add, remove or improve features in future updates. Furthermore, thanks to telemetry, information about crashes and bugs is also collected. This permits developers to efficiently fix problems.

Telemetry is activated in GEM-CAR 2022. Therefore, the data included on the list below may be collected and transferred to the development team.

  • Statistics about feature usage
  • Clicks in the user interface
  • Steps taken to use features
  • The date and time at which actions are performed
  • Consulted pages
  • IP addresses
  • Computer names
  • Windows 10 versions

For privacy reasons, we don't collect your customers' data and your personal data that aren't required for development purposes.