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GEM-CAR features integration with the 411 services. You can then search with phone numbers and, if the customers have entries in the 411 directory, GEM-CAR will retrieve the information about the names, addresses and phone numbers and populate the appropriate fields for you.


Follow the steps below to activate and configure the 411 integration with GEM-CAR.

  1. From the GEM-CAR Main menu, go to Configuration > General information to access the General information configuration window.
  2. To activate the 411 integration with GEM-CAR, enable Option 35 - Import client information from 411.
  3. If you wish that the customer information be imported in upper case, enable Option 36 - Import info from 411 in upper case.
  4. By default, the imported information will be in the last name + first name format. If you wish the first name to appear first, enable Option 61 - In the 411: import the customer name (first name last name) instead of (last name, first name).
  5. Select the Messages and links tab.
  6. If you are in Canada, click on the button or, if you are in the U.S., click on the button.
  7. Click on the diskette button to save.


When adding or editing customer profiles in the Customer management window, follow the steps below to use the 411 integration.

  1. From the GEM-CAR Main menu, go to Customer management > Customer management.
  2. From the Customer management window, select the Customer information tab.
  3. Enter a phone number in the Cust. No. field and hit enter on the keyboard.
  4. Answer yes to import information from the 411 service.
  5. Select the information to import and accept.
  6. Back to the Customer management window, modify the information, if necessary, and click on the diskette button to save when you are ready.