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What is AutoServe1?

The AutoServe1 service includes digital inspection sheets and permits you to take photos and to chat live directly on your smartphone. It makes your inspection tasks easier and increases the sales of your services.

You can contact Autoserve1 to learn more about the features and pricing or if you forgot your username and password.

GEM-CAR can also be completed by the GEM-CHECK module, our digital inspection form service for a monthly membership fee of $50. Please visit our webpage below for more information.


Follow the steps below to configure GEM-CAR for using the AutoServe1 inspection sheets.

  1. From the GEM-CAR *Main menu, go to Configuration > General information*.
  2. In the General Information window, click on the Options tab.
  3. Enter your GEM-CHECK store identification number in the GEM-CHECK store ID field.
  4. If you also want the mileage to be sent to AutoServe1, check the Option 118 - Mandatory entry mileage in the POS option.
  5. Click on the diskette button to save.
  6. Then, quit the General Information window and, from the GEM-CAR *Main menu, go to Configuration > Password management*.
  7. In the Maintenance of users window, click on the magnifying glass icon on the right of the Advisor field.
  8. In the Advisor maintenance window, select the advisor you want to configure.
  9. Enter the individual AutoServe1 user name for the advisor in the Autoserv1 User field.
  10. Click on the diskette button to save.

Add Autoserve1 inspection sheets to jobs

Follow the steps below to add Atoserve1 inspection sheets to job codes. Once it has been configured, you will not have to manually add it every time you create an estimate.

  1. From the GEM-CAR *Main menu, go to Inventory management > Product/job code management*.
  2. From the Product/job code management window, on the list on the left, select the job code for which you want to add an AutoServe1 inspection sheet.
  3. Select the inspection sheet to be added from the Inspection type drop-down menu.
  4. Click on the diskette button to save.

Use Autoserve1 inspection sheets

In the Point of sale, clicking on the GEM-CHECK button redirects you to the AutoServe1 webpage to create an inspection order. The information relative to the client and his vehicle is shared between GEM-CAR and AutoServe1. Thus, when you create a work order that includes an AutoServe1 inspection sheet and access the AutoServe1 webpage via GEM-CAR, the information is automatically shared and you do not need to enter it twice. Since GEM-CAR version 13.0.3, if you checked option 118 in the General information window, the mileage can also be shared with AutoServe1.