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Check model

You can personalize the way checks are printed by GEM-CAR. The order of the check and the stubs can be modified as well as the disposition and the format of text elements. You can then customize them to your liking or to fit in certain types of windowed envelopes. The check model personalization window is accessible from the GEM-CAR Main menu via Supplier management > Cheque model.

After having modified the check model, you can click on the green Confirm and save this model button to save the changes and then on the Exit button to quit. The Default button will reset all customization parameters and the check model will be back to the default model.

You will find below, in the next sections, descriptions of the customization options and their effects on the check model.

Check style

When printing checks, GEM-CAR will also print two (2) stubs. The order in which they appear in relation to the check can be modified, from top to bottom, depending on which option is in force in the Cheque style section.

Fields to modify

In the Fields to modify section, you can choose the text element for further customization from the drop-down menu. Once chosen, the text element will be highlighted in yellow in the visualization window. You can disable it by checking the Do not display box or decide of its alignment by selecting the Left, Center or Right options.


The current position of the text element that has been selected from the drop-down menu of the Fields to modify section is indicated by the values in the Current X pos. and Current Y pos. fields of the Position section. These fields correspond to the position on the X (horizontal) and Y (vertical) axes. They are grayed out and cannot be modified. To modify the position of the text element, enter new values in the New X pos. and/or New Y pos. fields. You can also slide the cursors on the X and Y axes which will move the text element in the visualization window and change the value in the fields.

Changing the value in the Zoom (%) field will apply a zoom in the visualization window. This is a zooming feature that can help you to modify small elements with better precision, but it does not change the actual size of the text element.

Clicking on the Section button will bring the Management of the height of sections window. Changing values in this window will adjust the height of the sections for the check and the stubs when printed on paper. For each of the two columns, you can choose between Cheque, Stub 1 and/or Stub 2 sections. For the corresponding columns, the Current height fields will show the current vertical value for the sections. You can modify this height by entering new values in the New height fields. You can also set minimum and maximum heights for each section by modifying the values in the Min. height and Max. height fields.

When you are done, you can either quit and save the new values by clicking on the green Modify sections height button or quit without saving by clicking on the red Do not modify sections height button.


The current size of the text element that has been selected from the drop-down menu of the fields to modify section is showing in the Current size field of the Typeface section. It is grayed out and cannot be modified. To modify the size of the text element, enter a new value in the New size field. You can also apply italic or bold to the text element by checking the Italic and/or Bold boxes respectively.