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Color codes in the Point of sale

We believe that simplicity is key when it comes to work efficiently. Therefore, you can count on GEM-CAR 14's color codes to quickly identify the most important information in the Point of sale. You will find descriptions of these color codes in the subsections below.

Customer color code

If you enable account receivables for clients and you define credit limits for them, a color code will inform you on their credit line status. For more information about activating account receivables and defining credit limits, see Customer management: Customer information tab: Allow account receivables and Customer management: Accounting tab: Limit credit for customers.

The Customer text is highlighted following the color code below.

  • Green: The credit line is lower than 50%.
  • Orange: The credit line is between 50% and 80%.
  • Red: The credit line is higher than 80%.

When invoicing customers, if their credit limit has been reached, the Receivable payment method is also highlighted in red in the Recieve payment window. GEM-CAR 14 also warns you if you try to use this payment method.

Vehicle color code

When a note is associated with a vehicle, the Make text is highlighted in red. Select it to show the note and select it again to hide it.

Product/Job color code


  • Blue: The item is selected.
  • Grey: The item is an appointment or a job.
  • Pink: The real time for the job is longer than the billed time. This color code is only enabled when you use the Punch clock.
  • Orange: The item has been added from the Punch clock.


  • Black: Inventory item (default).
  • Green: The item was purchased.
  • Red: The item is not in inventory.
  • Grey: The item is on an estimate in the Proposed and rescheduled or Proposed and decline work step.

Quantity color code

  • Orange highlight: The quantity is insufficient.
  • Red underline: The minimum quantity has been reached.
  • Orange highlight and red underline: The minimum quantity has been reached and the quantity is insufficient.

Price color code

  • Pink highlight: The selling price is lower than the cost price.

Customizable color code for inventory items

You can customize some of the color code for inventory items on the General information tab of the General information configuration window. For more information, see General information: General information tab: Customize inventory items color code.

You can customize the events below.

  • Item not in inventory.
  • Purchased item.
  • Purchased item with reception slip.