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Mileage on estimates and invoices

You can display the entry and exit mileage on estimates and invoices. To do so, follow the steps in the next subsections below.

Enable entry mileage

When option 118 is disabled, GEM-CAR only shows the exit mileage on estimates and invoices. To enable entry mileage, follow the steps below.

  1. From the GEM-CAR Main menu, access the General Information configuration window by going to Configuration > General information.
  2. Under the Options tab, enable Option 118 - Mandatory entry mileage in the POS.
  3. Restart GEM-CAR.

Use entry mileage

When Option 118 is enabled, the entry mileage displays on estimates and invoices. Before displaying or printing estimates or invoices, if you forget to enter the entry mileage, GEM-CAR will warn you and ask if you want to continue anyway. Follow the steps below to enter the entry mileage.

  1. From the Point of sale, click in the Km field.
  2. An additional field will appear left to it. Enter the entry mileage therein and press enter.
  3. Display the estimate or invoice the customer.

Estimates and invoices will show the entry mileage on top of the exit mileage.