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Search window

From the Search window, you can search for any saved work steps including estimates, work orders and invoices. You can narrow your search with search and sorting options and there are also some quick actions that can be performed from this window.

To access the Search window, from the Point of sale, click on the magnifying glass button adjacent to the Order No. field.

Search options

You will find below the search and sorting options that you can use to retrieve estimates or invoices in the Search Window.

Step drop-down menu

All documents related to work the steps configured in GEM-CAR will show in the Step drop-down menu. You can select a step to sort the saved documents to narrow your search.

Total information

When searching, GEM-CAR will display the real time totals with and without taxes of all documents on the list.

If you do not want all users to have access to this information, you can remove access to this feature to users in the Security configuration window via Security > Point of sale > Display the total amount of estimates in the invoice search window.


After a certain time, saved invoices will be archived. To display a list of archived invoices. Click on the Archives button.

Search section

In this section, you can further narrow your search by entering search criteria in the corresponding fields.

Quick actions

You will find below the quick actions that you can perform in the Search Window.


To display onscreen and print a selected document on the list, click on the printer button in the bottom-right corner of the window.

You can also display onscreen and print the list of documents by clicking on the printer button in the top of the window.

Reverse invoices

You can reverse invoices by clicking on the Reverse this invoice button.

Reverse the payment

Do not forget to also reverse the payment after having reversed an invoice.

Summarized sales report

You can display onscreen and print a Summarized sales report by clicking on the Print selected voucher button.

Work orders

You can print work orders related to a selected document by clicking on the Print work order button.

Add products from a document on the list to an estimate

You can click on the Add products from the current order to the current estimate to create a new estimate based on the selected document.

Delete saved documents

You can delete saved documents by selecting them and clicking on the Delete button.

Deleted estimates

You can retrieve deleted estimates by clicking on the Deleted estimates button.

You will then reach the Deleted estimates window from which you can retrieve deleted estimates.