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In this section of the GEM-CAR User Manual, you will find all the relevant information regarding reports. GEM-CAR can generate several reports that are grouped by category. They can be shown onscreen, saved on the computer or printed.

Find a report

To make the Reports window appear onscreen, from the GEM-CAR Main menu, click on the Reports button and then click on a category.

In the Reports window, you can navigate between these categories by checking the category boxes in the red square on the picture below. Depending on which button you clicked in the Report section of the GEM-CAR main menu, the Reports window will open with one of these categories selected. For example, if you accessed the Reports window via Reports > Customer management, the Clients category will be selected when opening the window.

You can click on the categories below to find a description of all the reports contained in them and their related options.

Save or print a report

Once you have found the report you are looking for:

  1. select the report on the list;
  2. chose which elements to show on the report and how to sort them using the available options; and
  3. click on the print button to show the report in the print preview window.

You can then export and save the report or print it.

Save a report

Follow the steps below to export the onscreen report in various formats that can be saved on the computer.

  1. While the report is showing onscreen in the print preview window, click on the envelope button on the top left corner.
  2. In the Export window, select the file format for the export using the Format drop-down menu. It can be PDF or Excel, for example.
  3. Using the Destination drop-down menu, choose between opening the report in the default application by selecting the Application option or saving the file on the computer by selecting the Disk file option.

While the report is showing onscreen, click on the printer button on the top left corner to print it.

Export reports as text files

Some reports can also be exported as text files. When this option is available, a notepad button will be available beside the print button. Clicking on this button will create the file and save it on the computer.

Files are saved in the EXPORT folder in the vdata GEM-CAR root folder. Consequently, the default path to access the files should be C:\vdata\EXPORT. Every time you export a file, it will overwrite any older file with the same name that was previously exported.

If you cannot find the C:\vdata\EXPORT folder, it might be because GEM-CAR has not been installed in the default folder on the computer. In this case, to verify the GEM-CAR default folder location, go to Configuration > User configuration and, from the User configuration window, look for the installation path in the GEM-CAR data field.