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Accounting reports

In this section, you will find information about all the accounting reports and their related options.

Invoice and distribution

Invoices and distributions (client)

This report is accessible from the GEM-CAR main menu via Reports > Accounting > Invoice and distribution (client).

On the Invoice and distribution (Client) report, you will find a list of all invoices grouped by customer. Available information on this report includes:

  • invoice numbers;
  • names of customers;
  • customer numbers;
  • invoicing dates;
  • amounts on the invoices;
  • taxes;
  • ledger numbers; and
  • total amounts spent by customers.

The report also includes a summary.


There are two (2) sorting options for this report.

A period must be chosen entering dates in the Date from and Date to fields or using the calendar buttons. You can also enter a numerical value corresponding to a month (1 to 12) in the Period # field and GEM-CAR will automatically populate these fields to make them correspond to the month of the current year.

You can also sort the results using a customer number range. By default, GEM-CAR will include all customers and the values in the Customer numbers from and Customer numbers to fields will be 0000000000 and ZZZZZZZZZZ. You can enter new values in these fields to set a customer number range for customers to be included on the report.

After having chosen the period and the customer number range, you can save and print the report or export it as a text file.