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By default download

In the Download section, you can download all the latest files needed for installing or updating GEM-CAR by clicking on the Download button. After the download, the files will remain on your computer for later use. You will then have to initiate the installation or the updating process in the Update or Install sections. As long as the download is not complete, you can click on the Cancel download button. The download will stop and the files will be automatically erased.

Turning the Advanced switch on will bring more download options. These advanced options are not to be used in normal circumstances and are intended for experienced user or GEM-CAR technicians.


Advanced download

The Advanced switch having been turned on, the GEM-CAR installer will bring more download options. You now have access to the list of all GEM-CAR components. If you wish so, you may choose to download the installation or update files for the different components separately. To do so, select the desired version in the drop-down menu and click on the Download buttons. These files must then be manually installed in the advanced settings of the Update or Install sections.

Advanced download options