Step 1:
  • On the POS window, open the estimate the parts are for,
  • Select the item or items being received. To select more then one item at a time, press and hold the CTRL button while selecting the items with your mouse",

  • Maintaining the items selected, click on the  “Purchase" icon,
  • Select the supplier,
  • Enter the invoice or delivery slip number,
  • If necessary adjust the quantities ordered and prices,
  • Click the Save icon.
Step 2 : Option for parts with CORE refund values
  • In the field marked Core, add or adjust the CORE value,
    • If the CORE is good, check the OK Core box.
    • If the Core is not returnable, do not check this box and the core amount will be charged to the customer.

  • If needed, adjust the tax amounts (a Star will appear if and when tax amounts have been modified,

Step 3 : Transfer to Accounts Payable (F9),

  • Click on the Transfer Icon or press F9.


NOTE:in the POS window, you can hit the core icon to view all credit pending