As a rule, only items registered in Category 500 (Appointments) will appear on the agenda and the work order.  If GEM-CAR’s management philosophy is followed, all job codes should be registered and entered in Category 500.

To verify if this is the problem, open the inventory window and select the job code. Verify the category number.  If required, change the category to 500 and save.

Also, if the category number is correct (500) verify that you have also entered a minimum of 15 minutes (00:15) in the time required field and an appointment time has been entered as well.

Another option is to open your appointment calendar and click on the POSITION tab (top right hand area). Each time you click, you will cycle through three various views.  You will see your appointments as well. If one appears in the list but not on the Work Bay, simply Drag N’ Drop to the desired work bay and time.

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